Seven Ways To Repurpose Content From Your Online Conference

One of the most valuable outcomes of an online conference is that “It ain’t over when it’s over.”

Content created for your conference can be repurposed for a variety of uses to support revenue growth, as well as your association’s efforts to recruit and retain members. Here’s a look at seven ways you can repurpose that high-quality content from your online conference.

‘Best of the Best’ Post-Conference Content Sale

eLearning IndustryWhen the conference is over and the attendees have completed the evaluations or event surveys, look for what attendees say were their most valuable takeaways. What presentations did they find were the most valuable? What content created the biggest buzz? Compile these presentations and content into a ‘Best Of’ package for sale in your online store.

Pricing recommendation: Don’t underprice your ‘Best of the Best’ packages, or your members who did attend the conference might feel like the after-sale is a better deal. Continue reading

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How To Get More Sponsors For Your Online Events

Online events, from webinars to eLearning to virtual conferences, can potentially have a very long shelf life. Conversely, at a traditional in-person training, seminar or conference that brings people together for a set period of time for information sharing, there is a beginning and an end. Whereas online content that is recorded and retained can be repurposed in a multitude of ways for as long as the content is relevant. Continue reading

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How To Generate More Qualified Leads With Your Email Marketing

Generate leads with email marketing

Email marketing can be an extremely useful tool to acquire leads for your association membership and online learning programs. With good content, strategically placed links, and a few other clever tricks and tips, email is an effective and inexpensive way to reach a large audience and collect a large number of quality leads. Here are a few areas that need special attention. Continue reading

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Virtual Gift Bags: Why They Are Thrilling Sponsors of Online and In-Person Events

Remember the last physical in-person conference you attended, where the hosts would provide you with a much-anticipated gift bag? These takeaways always have something in it you really like, along with some items you are moderately glad to have, and some items you might consider useless.

While this practice still goes on today, more companies and associations are jumping onto the virtual gift bag bandwagon. And why not? There are hardly any downsides to these delightful packs of goodies!

At in-person events such as conventions, seminars, and countless other types of gatherings, physical gift bags have been considered a treat and were always fun for attendees. But they usually came with a lot of baggage (pun intended). Since nothing makes everyone happy, there was usually something in the bag that would go straight to the garbage can. And then attendees had to lug these bulky gift bags all around the event until it was convenient to finally drop them off in their room. Finally, the attendees had to find room in an already-full suitcase to take the gift bag home. Continue reading

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