Experts Share Their Tips for Creating a Successful Online Conference

uld-studio-graphicYour team realizes you have a great message with a lot of information that needs to be heard, so you decide to host an online conference.

Now what?

If you have never hosted an online conference before, you probably have no idea where to start. It can be mind-boggling when considering the necessary content, technical considerations, promotion and advertising, and funding needed to create such an event.

The good news is others are doing it successfully and you can learn from them.  Below is a compilation of advice from several experts with years of experience to help you successfully create your first online conference. Continue reading

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How to Find and Secure Speakers for Your Online Conference

how-to-find-and-secure-presenters-for-your-online-conferenceLet’s say your association has an incredible concept for an online conference, and you are determined to make it happen. You are knowledgeable and familiar with everything related to this concept, but you know you still need to get other presenters involved. A variety of speakers or presenters keeps a conference fresh by showing different aspects of a subject coming from different types of industry leaders.

Where do you start? Continue reading

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The Best Sites for Free Images and Music for eLearning Design


Would you like to include more images and music in your eLearning programs, but find the cost of purchasing this content out of your budget range?

Music and images are an important component of online content.  Both can be used to enhance storytelling when designing eLearning programs such as video trainings, webinars and courses. Howver, the cost of purchasing images and music can quickly add up, and if your organization is on a budget, you might be inclined not to use these valuable content mediums.

The good news is there are sites that offer royalty-free and some entirely cost-free images and music. Some sites offer the music cost-free and royalty-free but require attribution, such as a link back to their site when you use it.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of cost-free and royalty-free music sites and image sites below. Continue reading

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Webinar: How to Pay For, Produce, and Promote an Online Conference

It’s no secret that online conferences add a new way to provide learning opportunities to association members.

They also introduce a variety of new revenue streams for associations such as adding new sponsorship opportunities, growing event attendees, and converting conference content into new revenue-generating products.

Yet, even though the new streams of revenue are a key benefit, many association leaders still fear the cost of organizing and hosting the conference.  And rightfully so, because an online conference can be a financial risk, especially the first one.

But, the great news is there are ways to lessen the risk with your first conference and generate revenue! Continue reading

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