Four Free On-Demand Trainings to Improve eLearning Design and Marketing

Designing an effective eLearning program is the most important aspect of the eLearning process. Achieving this requires a solid understanding of the audience, and incorporating several methods specifically tailored to that audience, thus allowing them to reach their learning objectives. A few of many methods include case studies, stories, or practice exercises, which are strategically architected using clear goals and objectives to promote self-paced and results-oriented learning.

Now flash forward… You’ve designed an eLearning program that truly resonates with your learners. It’s time to get the word out. Even the best designed eLearning programs need effective marketing to support them.

Ready to grow your programs?

Here’s a look at four free on-demand trainings to help improve eLearning design and marketing. Continue reading

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Seven Ways To Repurpose Content From Your Online Conference

One of the most valuable outcomes of an online conference is that “It ain’t over when it’s over.”

Content created for your conference can be repurposed for a variety of uses to support revenue growth, as well as your association’s efforts to recruit and retain members. Here’s a look at seven ways you can repurpose that high-quality content from your online conference.

‘Best of the Best’ Post-Conference Content Sale

eLearning IndustryWhen the conference is over and the attendees have completed the evaluations or event surveys, look for what attendees say were their most valuable takeaways. What presentations did they find were the most valuable? What content created the biggest buzz? Compile these presentations and content into a ‘Best Of’ package for sale in your online store.

Pricing recommendation: Don’t underprice your ‘Best of the Best’ packages, or your members who did attend the conference might feel like the after-sale is a better deal.

Series of Revenue-Generating Online Courses

Just like you can do with a webinar, each presentation from an online conference can be turned into a self-paced, revenue-generating online course. The course can be designed complete with curriculum, quizzes, and downloads using the material that was shared at the conference.

(Learn how to create online courses with this free training in the iCohere Academy, Turn Webinars Into Self-Paced, Revenue-Generating Courses. Look for free access at the end of this article.)

Exclusive Content for an Online Member-Only Community

Do your members pay for membership to an online community? Build a learning center using the presentations and materials from the online conference. Offer exclusive access via paid membership and free access to those who paid for and attended the online conference. Your association members will appreciate the opportunity to continue with their professional development using your conference’s high-quality content. An online community is a strategic way to stay in close contact with association members all year long.

(Learn more about using an online community to grow membership with this free training in the iCohere Academy, Modern Strategies for Marketing eLearning Programs. Look for free access at the end of this article.)

Revenue-Generating, On-Demand Summit or Workshops

Build upon the presentations and materials that were presented at the conference with follow-up educational opportunities. Invite presenters to partner with the association to expand upon the content and create an on-demand summit or workshops around popular topics.

Use Conference Audio Recordings as Future Podcasts

Has your association launched a podcast station? Add to your library by using the audio recordings of some of your best presenters. Or, create a “Best Of” podcast that features snippets of every presentation.

Marketing for Future Online Conferences

Grow registrations for future events by creating a montage of content from your recent online conference. Give prospective students a sneak peek at the conference experience using snippets of content and short videos featuring the presenters.

Opt-in for Email, Blog and Newsletter Subscribers

Turn one of your online conference speaker presentations into an eBook that can be used as a free opt-in download to grow your email, blog or newsletter subscribers.

Want more ideas? Brainstorm with like-minded professionals by joining the iCohere Academy, an online community for eLearning experts. Membership is FREE!


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How To Get More Sponsors For Your Online Events

Online events, from webinars to eLearning to virtual conferences, can potentially have a very long shelf life. Conversely, at a traditional in-person training, seminar or conference that brings people together for a set period of time for information sharing, there is a beginning and an end. Whereas online content that is recorded and retained can be repurposed in a multitude of ways for as long as the content is relevant. Continue reading

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How To Generate More Qualified Leads With Your Email Marketing

Generate leads with email marketing

Email marketing can be an extremely useful tool to acquire leads for your association membership and online learning programs. With good content, strategically placed links, and a few other clever tricks and tips, email is an effective and inexpensive way to reach a large audience and collect a large number of quality leads. Here are a few areas that need special attention. Continue reading

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