Top Virtual Event Trainings: Why the CVEP Program is an Industry Leader

By Lance Simon, EVP iCohere

Many people claim to be virtual event planning experts, but few actually have the credentials and experience to back it up.

In addition to experience, what training is the best training to learn how to produce virtual events?

The Certified Virtual Events Producer training far exceeds other certification programs by several measures. Here’s a look at what makes this program so valuable¬†for practitioners and their employers. Continue reading

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Get More Sponsors for Online Events with Engagement Marketing

Do you want more business sponsors for your association’s online events?

Of course!

Associations that host online events like webinars, workshops and conferences often generate more revenue from sponsorships than from registrations. In fact, sponsorship dollars make up a critical revenue stream for developing the event. However, finding and securing event sponsors is no easy task.

Why is it so challenging to secure sponsors for online events?

The answer: Continue reading

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Hybrid Conference

emdria-case-study-iconIn 2015, the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) enlisted the help of iCohere to expand their in-person conference to a hybrid conference. Leadership believed since the association is an international organization, a hybrid conference would allow people all over the world the ability to live stream conference events and participate in the live Q&A forums. During EMDRIA’s most recent hybrid conference in 2016, people from 17 different countries participated via online.

EMDRIA’s Continuing Professional Education Coordinator, Sara Sturtevant, was extremely instrumental in putting together the hybrid conference. She worked closely with iCohere’s Client Engagement Manager, Alex White. In a recent webinar hosted by iCohere, Sturtevant and White discussed some strategies they used to make the conference a success. Continue reading

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Experts Share Their Tips for Creating a Successful Online Conference

uld-studio-graphicYour team realizes you have a great message with a lot of information that needs to be heard, so you decide to host an online conference.

Now what?

If you have never hosted an online conference before, you probably have no idea where to start. It can be mind-boggling when considering the necessary content, technical considerations, promotion and advertising, and funding needed to create such an event.

The good news is others are doing it successfully and you can learn from them.  Below is a compilation of advice from several experts with years of experience to help you successfully create your first online conference. Continue reading

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