Digital Bridges for Unified Learning

Guest contributor: Dr. Amanda Batson, ADB Partners

elearningIn today’s professional development world, robust online learning is a non-negotiable for associations.  There are multiple avenues for eLearning:  webinars, workshops, courses; MOOCs — massively open online courses, apps, discussion boards, communities of practice, blogs, social sites, and more.

The competition is stiff for member minds and hearts much less their eyeballs. Time reported in December of 2015, that on average Americans check their smartphones 46 times a day.  In the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail, reported an average of 85 smartphone checks per day.  Moving deeper into the digital tool choices, members can learn via Lynda, a subsidiary of LinkedIn.  They can tap world-renowned institutions of higher education such as the Harvard, M.I.T., UC Berkley, etc.  So what’s an association to do?  Build digital bridges and here are three tips.  Continue reading

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Is your LMS compatible with your other programs?

How much does your association invest in technology for member services each year?

How much do you spend on employee salaries and benefits to develop the member programs and operate the technology?

Technology and employee costs are often two significant line items on an association’s administrative budget. You need both to be able to offer your members the services they need and want.

The question to ask yourself now is “Are you cutting back on either of these line items because of budget limits?”

If you answered “Yes” to the question above, there is an opportunity for your association to have the technology you need and the staff support to operate it efficiently. Continue reading

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Read This Before Scheduling An LMS Demo

Guest Contributor: Tracy King, Chief Learning Strategist and Founder of InspirEd.

When in the market for a new piece of technology, it’s natural to stop by the store and compare your options. Appropriate for a nice pair of wireless headphones, lightning fast laptop, or a shiny new HD TV. And helpful to compare features and reviews of mobile apps, software, or plugins. Which is why it seems reasonable when an organization decides to purchase an LMS they begin to schedule demos to take a look at the options.

But it’s not. Continue reading

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Expert Trainings on Instructional Design, Interactive Webinars, and Virtual Conferences

Just in time for your Fall events, the iCohere Academy has a great line up for webinars next week.

Here’s what we have planned for September:

Unified Learning Design Studio: Instructional Design

Tuesday, September 13,  3:30 – 4:30 pm U.S. Eastern. Free Event With Special Guest Dr. Amanda Batson, ADB Partners

amandabatsonheadshotThis month, Dr. Batson will be joined by Chief Learning Strategist & Founder of InspirEd Tracy King. Tracy is a thought leader in education strategy and learning experience design. Together, Dr. Batson and Tracy will share what you need to know for designing effective programs for adult learners and how to maximize engagement.

This series is packed with resources, tools and templates. Don’t miss out on this high quality training. Register Here

Continue reading

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