Nonprofits: Host A Virtual Conference For Free With This Grant

In a recent webinar, experts from The National Farmers Association and the Western Region Public Health Training Center shared how they used a virtual conference to reach a hard-to-reach audience.

In January of this year, a panel of experts from ASHA participated in a tell-all panel interview and shared how their association raises over $1M in revenue each year through virtual conferences.

Now small and midsize nonprofits can reap the same rewards and apply for the opportunity to host a virtual conference for free through the iCohere Serving Those Who Serve Others Grant. Continue reading

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25 Engagement Tips And Tools For Audience-Centered Webinars

Just like in any learning platform, if a webinar can’t engage and hold the attention of the audience, it will not be effective. It must be engaging! But how do you create engagement?

To start, a learning organization must know its members and their learning needs. Learners want to feel involved, or they will disengage. Educator and learning strategist Tracy King CAE, CVEP says that only by understanding our audience can we design inclusive learning experiences.

King says that to engage, we must capture the attention of our learners, focus their attention in the desired direction, and keep that attention free from distractions. Connect the audience with what they find relevant and meaningful about the subject, and the learner will be interested and motivated to learn.

King introduces three super strategies necessary to foster engagement. They are Visual Design, Story, and Social Connection. We look at each below. Continue reading

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How do you design and market online events for a hard-to-reach audience?

Facebook Event ImageHow do you successfully design and promote an online conference or other online events for a hard-to-reach audience?

Melissa Miller, the education director of the National Farmers Union, and Abigail Stoica, senior instructional specialist at Western Region Public Health Training Center  joined iCohere for a tell-all webinar. (Access to the webinar is available at the end of this post.) Continue reading

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Tools, Methods and Design Strategies for Engaging an Online Audience

Designing for Learner EngagementIf learners are going to find eLearning content interesting enough to learn from it, that content must be engaging.

But what is the secret?

How do we know if our content is stimulating enough for others to find it engaging?

Tracy King, chief learning strategist and founder of InspirEd, says all brains learn the same way and follow a similar process from attention to application. How people focus on new information and process it will decide how engaging an eLearning course’s information will be to a learning audience.

What determines how people focus on and process information depends on who they are, and who they are learning from. Other factors include the learning environment, visuals used, and language that can either stimulate or exclude an audience.  Continue reading

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